Honda208 is Idaho's Online Honda if that was not apparent enough, lol. On a serious note however I feel it is time to put up this info thread informing our members what we are and what we are all about.

* We are not a squad, a club, an elitist group, or anything of the sort. We are an extended family, here to help each other, pass on valuable information, and work towards the goal of building a stronger and tighter knit automotive enthusiast community.

* We are not affiliated with any other websites, group pages, car clubs, or anything of the sort. We are an independent enthusiast website that is locally owned and operated.

* We offer several key features such as local meets & events, an informative tech section, free stickers to qualifying members, a supporting member rank with added perks for the user, and a Honda/Acura specific classifieds section.

* Lastly we are all here for the same reason, we passionately love our Hondas. We are here seeking like minded individuals who feel the same and have an equal or greater respect for the community and its growth. Thank you all for choosing to be a part of this community and working towards a unified goal.