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Thread: Honda Standing by there product !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Honda Standing by there product !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you have been watching the news lately you know Honda has a massive recall on the airbags for there cars.

    Here is some info

    Well the other day I was searching on the FIT forum and found a thread on the recall for the FIT. So after reading thru the thread people were actually scared to drive there cars cause basically the airbag could possibly kill you if it went off. After some more reading and searching. I found out Honda was giving people loaner cars so they didn't have to drive there effected cars due to this possibility.

    After thinking about it for a couple days I called LM honda and started to ask some questions about the recall and loaner cars and even me keeping my FIT until the parts come in to fix it.. Which no one knows when that will be. After some back and forth with a super nice lady I was told to bring my car down the next day and I would be taken care of.

    I arrive the next day, they verified my FIT was effected by the recall, they then proceeded to give me a loaner car 2015 civic hybrid and also had me sign a paper stating I could keep the fit at my house but was not allowed to drive it. They then had the service manager drive the car to my house cause I wasn't allowed to drive the car of course and I have the civic until the parts come in.. Last ETA i was told was sometime this summer...

    Thank you honda for the new civic to drive
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    Wow, love this brand

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    That is awesome

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    definitely a good company to do this for everyone.
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    Thank you for posting this, it is nice to see people appreciate everything that is being done.

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    Are all honda seat belts still warranty for life? I've always found honda to keep safety a priority and I love the brand for it.

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    Honda is a great company...our local dealerships can be not so great.
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