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Thread: IdahoHonda91's 2018 Yamaha MT-07

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    IdahoHonda91's 2018 Yamaha MT-07

    Figured I'd try to revive this section of the forum. Even I forgot about it, otherwise I would have started this thread a long time ago.

    This will be a build thread for my bike, which is, as the thread title states, a 2018 MT-07. Interesting fact about my bike, this is the first 2018 model year bike sold in the state, I took delivery just under a week from the date dealers started receiving the bikes, and over 2 weeks before this specific color scheme was released. Manager at Snake River Yamaha pulled some strings to get me my bike early, which I thought was pretty cool of them to do.

    First pic of the bike from when I took delivery of it on April 13th

    First thing I did was ditch the quiet and heavy stock exhaust for a full Akrapovič system, followed by an ECU flash tune by 2 Wheel Dynoworks in Washington. Also installed a fender eliminator kit.

    Bike stayed at this stage for a while, during which I enjoyed it as my main way to and from work, and participated in a few group rides.

    Next modifications came in August, when I installed some rear spool adapters for my swingarm to allow me to use a rear stand for chain maintenance among other things, and then in September when I recieved my pre-ordered integrated tail light from TST Industries and my Proton 500 flush mount front turn signals.

    Striking a pose featuring the family pup

    Then in October I recieved and installed my Evotech rear pillion peg delete kit, which cleaned up the look of the bike quite a bit in my opinion. This is the current stage of the bike modification wise.

    Purchased a used headlift stand and a new battery tender, and officially put the bike into hibernation mode a few weeks ago.

    Will post updates as they happen, have a decent list of things I'm hoping to get done to the bike over the winter.
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